Pilates for Golfers

Now that spring has finally arrived, it’s time to dust down those golf clubs, get outside, enjoy the fresh air and improve that game of yours.  So let’s have a look at why so many professional golfers incorporate Pilates into their training session to help them improve their game.

Why do professional golfers such as Tiger Woods, Carin Kock and Phil Mickelson all practice Pilates?

A golfer’s body can be placed under a lot of stress through the repetitive nature of twisting the body on a drive or leaning over to pick up a ball.  Golf revolves around repeating the same movements so over time the body can become imbalanced as some muscles become weakened and some overused. As a golfer it is very frequent to have imbalances in the shoulders, lower back, hips, legs or arms. As a result of this you could struggle with accuracy, stamina, muscle strains and of course the distance of your drive.

So how can Pilates Improve your golf?

Pilates is centred around strengthening the core of the body and most golf shots rely on the core. Practicing Pilates can improve the range of motion in your shoulders, back stability and hip rotation. All of these benefits are key to being able to stabilise your body and hit more powerful and accurate golf shots.

Pilates is designed to increase flexibility. More muscular flexibility and spinal mobility will lead to a greater rotation. More rotation will make an efficient and more powerful swing.

Pilates can improve concentration as it is one of the founding principles.  Every movement involves you concentrating on exactly what your body is doing so improved concentration will allow you to get the most out of your game through better practice and an improved mindset out on the course.

Muscular injuries are very common for regular golfers as a result of repetitive overuse. Pilates can be used to create balance through the back muscles, abdominals, hips and shoulders to prevent such injuries. Having an increased flexibility and mobility through the core will also make your body more resilient to the force being put through it.

So Why Not Give It a Go?